Next Step Fusion
Simulation Software, Control Systems, and Digital Twins for tokamaks, future fusion reactors, and power plants
About Us

At Next Step Fusion, we believe that recent and upcoming scientific and technological advancements will soon give birth to the fusion power plant industry, providing humanity with safe and cheap energy.

As plasma confinement and control appear to be the most sophisticated and challenging problems, we pursue the opportunity to apply Machine Learning to plasma simulation and control, as well as other relevant tasks, such as monitoring and analysis, disruption predictions, maintenance planning, personnel training, and so on.

As a result, our plans include but are not limited to, developing Simulation Software, Control Systems, and Digital Twins for existing tokamaks, future fusion reactors, and power plants, as well as building our testing facility (tokamak) where our solutions can be safely applied and tested.

Our Work
We are a team of talented physicists, researchers, and engineers devoted to Fusion.
Simulation Software
Our simulator is foundational to our products and operations. It has a long history of rigorous testing and validation with real-world data from numerous tokamaks. Our teams use it not only for simulation, experiment planning, analysis, and research but also to train ML models for plasma control and behavior prediction.
Control Systems
We started with ML-based Plasma Control Systems (PCS) due to the current challenges in plasma control. Our strategic goal is to eventually build comprehensive Integrated Control Systems, pushing forward fusion technology, and addressing unsolved issues and business demands.
Digital Twin
Our work on Digital Twins includes integrating simulators, ML models, monitoring, predictive, and analytical software. This effort aims to create comprehensive digital replicas of both current and future fusion devices, embodying a holistic view of fusion technology advancements.
Our Partners
If you are interested in becoming a partner or investor, please feel free to contact us.